About Art Gush

What Does Art Gush do for You?

Art Gush empowers you to take your artistic career to the next level. How? By getting your fans gushing about your art when you showcase your work in your own multimedia play, web series and movie. We work with MovieProcess.org that empowers actors to make movies to build visibility for their work and tell stories of social justice and making a difference.

Three Stages of Development

When looking at an overview of the procedure, your project will go through three distinct phases of growth. First it will be a multimedia play, next it will be a web series and finally the episodes of the series are strung together as a complete movie all the while showcasing your art.

Three Methods to Monetize

This gives you the option to monetize your undertaking first through charging admission for the play, and secondly via online advertising when it is a web series. Then thirdly, upon its completion as a film, there are various distribution methods that will allow you to make an income also. Of course if you get a nonprofit umbrella (which is easy to do) you can always get donation funding (which we teach you how to do) and make your living as an artistic director while you work on your project.

Art Gush: Filmmaking Arts Education Online

The Art Gush Method is a new way to make feature films that truly harnesses what's available now in terms of camcorders, editing software and more. It's somewhat based on what I learned as a teenager at a movie studio in Hollywood headed by Francis Coppola ("Godfather") before coming to New York City in 1988.

Make a Movie Before Even Shooting It

As far as I know, this specific "previsualization" technique has never been published. The main benefit of using this system versus the traditional filmmaking approach is that there is such an emphasis on the development and pre-production phases that you virtually make your movie before even principal photography.

We Use the System Too

We are currently developing "Thrillumentary," "A Murder Mystery with a "Help the Community Twist," as an example of the process.

A Film in Less than Two Years

Do you have skills in acting, film and theater or are you collaborating with a person (or persons) who does? Would you like to make a digital feature film with virtually no budget in less than two years, working most days for a half hour to two hours? If this is the case, then the Art Gush Methodology could be for you. Check out more details of the process on this page of this website.

Just Three Steps a Day

Here's how it works as a monthly member of the Art Gush website. Our team does work on the "Thrillumentary" mystery feature length motion picture. Next we put online - a week in advance - the same three-steps-a-day for you to do. In other words, you use the exact three-steps-a-day that we did, but now on your own cinema venture. It's all about giving you a simple framework to support the evolution of your vision and self expression.

Two Forms of Educational Media

There is a new video and Ebook PDF version that are posted each week on the site to guide you through the process. The video is a more detailed description of the three steps than the PDF, and therefore should be viewed first.

Two Learning Options

You have the option to track the method as an observer or a doer. If you are following the steps as a doer, depending on when you join, you may want to go to the archives and start earlier in the methodology steps. There is no right or wrong way (or place) to jump into the process, but the key to completing a feature film is to begin somewhere that makes sense for you - and then stick with it.

Interactive Component

Plus, if at any time you have questions regarding the posted video or ebook PDF, you can email us and we will respond within 24 to 48 hours weekdays. Additionally, your questions and then answers may then be included in the next video and PDF.