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Promote Your Acting Career: Make a Feature Film in Less than Two Years Using the Art Gush System Working Only a Half Hour to Two Hours a Day Most Days!

Attention all actors and artists who are interested in making a feature film for the purpose of showcasing their work (think actor, dancer, all around artist person) as well as to tell stories of social justice and making a difference.

The Time Has Never Been Better to Create Your Own Artistic Movie - Your Vision, Career and Self Expression Realized!

Here's the exciting news: the digital stars have aligned and the movie process is easier than it has ever been to create, distribute and promote a full length digital movie as an actor. Literally all you need is a camcorder (actually you could use your phone), digital editing software (very inexpensive these days) as well as inspiration and tenacity. Put this together with the three stars and you have the total creative package to highlight your work!

The Three Digital Stars Have Aligned

What are the three digital stars of the alignment? They are listed below along with their definitions to help your acting career. Enjoy!

1. Content Creation

Content Creation is the contribution of information using any media and most especially digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. With digital filmmaking paired with editing software, feature length movies can be written, composed, directed, shot, edited, distributed and promoted. Yes, you can now cut costs and easily wear all those hats as an actor/producer!

2. Online Distribution

Online Distribution is the delivery or dissemination of media content such as audio, video, software and video games done on the internet. That means distributing your work as an actor and artist thereby making it more visible.

3. Digital Promotion

Digital Promotion is the use of one or more forms of electronic media to market or advertise a product or brand including social media, blogging/vlogging, mobile phones and tablets.

With our system you make your movie in stages. Each stage takes you closer to a fully realized motion picture. The first stage is to mount your project as a multimedia stage play or performance art piece. This is followed by launching a web series. And finally, stringing the webisodes together into a digital feature film! All these phases promote your acting career!

We're Here to Help

if you need help jumping into the digital waters, we've got you covered. We are currently teaching an online course called the "Art Gush" Digital Filmmaking Method in which we give you a behind-the-scenes window into our journey, making the feature film "Thrillumentary." This is included as a part of the bundle.

Just Three Steps a Day

The way it works is that we, ourselves, are actively engaged in the filmmaking process a week ahead of our students who are also making films using the Method. We use the head start gap to convert our experience into three steps a day. These steps are new every day and are done by those in the program.

You Can Start at Any Stage You Want

Although we are already a ways into the making of "Thrillumentary," you can start at whatever stage of the system you want. How? Because all our lessons are archived!

What Does a Lesson Consist of?

Each lesson consists of three steps a day for a week that can easily be done by actors with some computer skills. This is documented with a video you watch first, as well as a PDF that gives you a summary of what you are working on for that particular week.

Interact with Us

You also have an opportunity to email us as an actor with any questions you might have, which we will answer in the following installments so they are shared with other students as well as yourself.

What's Different About the Art Gush Method?

A lot of things. It is literally a whole new way to make films with a piecemeal approach. Additionally, with our technique you can cut costs considerably by wearing many different hats, even if you're never made a film in your life. These hats include producer, writer, director, editor, composer, actor and more.

What if I'm Non Technical?

It definitely helps if you're generally good with computers and know the basics of using editing software. But even if you don't, you can always find someone to help you.

How Did You Get the Idea to Do This?

It's based on observing for three years a very well known filmmaker at work, who himself is an innovator in the art of digital film.

What About that Film You're Making? What's it Called? Thrillumentary? What Does that Even Mean?

"Thrillumentary" is a thriller about a guy who is making a documentary and in the process must solve a mystery to save his community.

So Start Making Your Movie Today

It's amazing how three steps a day add up over time. So don't delay realizing your vision and promoting your acting career, join the Art Gush All Access Membership right now. Become a part of the Art Gush revolution!

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