12-23-2017 Course 3 of 7 How to Sell a Movie: Digital Movie Distribution Options

taught by Lights Camera Read

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As of this writing there are a lot of filmmakers who want to be on Netflix. Unfortunately - also at this moment - Netflix is on of the most challenging of the digital movie distribution options to get on. First off, you need to have a film that can compete with others on this venue.

And secondly, even if you get on Netflix, unless you are on heavy  rotation within the service, chances are very few people will see your  movie anyway.

The good news is that there is a popular digital movie distribution option that is easier to get on.

We are talking of course about Amazon Video. In our third installment of “How to Sell a Movie” on the Art Gush Online Education website, we discuss Amazon Video and how to upload your film onto that service.

Of course, just being on that digital distribution platform is not  nearly enough. You have to have a kick ass web marketing campaign in  place to ensure that folks purchase views.

Thankfully, creating an effective digital promotion campaign is  possible. Though, especially if you don’t have much of a budget, you  need to know what you’re doing.

Art Gush methodologies were developed just for that purpose: cost  effective digital promotion techniques – and we’re not necessarily  speaking about social media.

Lights Camera Read
Lights Camera Read
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12-23-2017 Course 3 of 7 How to Sell a Movie: Digital Movie Distribution Options
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