"Course 9 of 9 of How to Create an Online Publication: Benefits of Having a Blog"

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Have you been thinking about starting a blog but aren’t sure if it is  actually going to be helpful for your career or business? What are the  benefits of having a blog?

If building your organization’s or your own presence on the internet  is a part of your marketing strategy, then a blog can be a great idea.

A blog can also help you with organizing yourself. The reason is that  having one is much like having a time every week or so to check in with  your business.

And the neat thing is that blogs and email newsletters dovetail nicely. Here’s how it works…

Let’s say you’ve decided that once a week you are going to send out  an eblast as well as do a new entry in your blog. It’s a productive  approach to write your blog entry first and your newsletter second.

Why? Because if you write a blog entry that is about twice as long as  your your latest intended newsletter email, you can use the same  content for both!

In your newsletter you use the first half of your content that leads  up to a point where the reader is interested to learn more. It is at  this point in your newsletter that you put a link that connects the user  to your blog.

Having people click from your newsletter to your blog is good for  your it in terms of showing the search engines that there is interest.  This will likely help with your overall web ranking status.

More can be found on this topic in our current Art Gush edition entitled “Course 9 of 9: How to Create an Online Publication.”

Lights Camera Read
Lights Camera Read
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What is Lights Camera Read? It is an educational nonprofit sponsored organization that has the mission to help introvert artists of all kinds (actors, writers, musicians, filmmakers and so forth) go from being “starving artists” to artist entrepreneurs via programs online and off including “Platinum Pias,” “Artist Introvert Revolution,” “Thrillumentary” “Art Gush” and an alliance of blogs.

We believe that introvert artists can make a difference in NYC and internationally if they receive empowerment. The empowerment that Lights Camera Read provides is that of methodologies. Step by step approaches to tasks that normally would require an extrovert orientation. Activities include making films and promoting one’s self and one’s art.

At Lights Camera Read we strive to make the solutions we offer for introvert artists without the “extroversion required” road blocks that introvert artists normally experience. We hope for a world where introvert and extrovert artists can work together in harmony.

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"Course 9 of 9 of How to Create a Web Publication: Benefits of Having a Blog"
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