About Art Gush - Online Education to Advance Your Creative Career

Art Gush has the mission to provide online education to advance your creative career through a variety of web course series that are designed to empower diverse artists of a diversity of different art forms. Each week we add another course to our membership program. And what makes Art Gush different from other online education websites is that each course in a series spans a week and can be completed at the rate of doing just 3 steps a day.

Topics of courses in a series include "How to Sell a Movie," "How to Make a Blog Website," "How to Sell an eBook" and "How to Create a Film."

As seen below, a series can consist of as few as 7 courses to as much as 49. Each course in a series contains a 3 to 10 minute video as well as a PDF synopsis to guide you through your 3 steps a day.

Plus, all the courses are designed for artistic solopreneurs - without the need to interact with multiple people - so they are a good fit for introverts who prefer to work alone and more cost effectively. Though, depending on the web savvy of the individual, courses may at times require outsourcing to freelancers.

Although the courses can be taken individually, they are really designed to be done in a series as a part of our membership program.

The good news is that for the same price you'd pay to take just one course, if that same amount is applied once a month to our membership program you will get access to all the courses in all of the various series!

And as a new course is added each week it is identified by its release date. With our membership program you can start with whatever series you want and work at your own pace. Courses in sequence go from the most recent ones uploaded to the oldest.

Here are the various course series as well as the dates they span:

How to Sell a Movie
December 9, 2017
(will consist of 7 courses when the series is completed on January 20, 2018)

How to Make a Blog Website
October 7, 2017
December 2, 2017
(9 courses)

How to Sell an Ebook
August 5, 2017
September 30, 2017
(9 courses)

How to Create a Film
August 20, 2016
July 29, 2017
(49 courses)